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Doing t-shirt designs has made me see how little love there is for supplying girls tees.

This was the only military green tee I managed to get from my supplier, the last one. The placing of the design needs to be lower but I think this shirt will look pretty dope.

Sadly, I never got the chance to do a second prototype.

The problem is, my supplier isn’t stocking this color anymore, and it doesn’t look like anyone else is either. They’re only gonna be bringing in girls tees in black, white, navy blue & grey from now on.

I think I may have one more supplier that might still have stock. The question is should I.

Any of you ladies interested in this tee in military green, let me know in the comments and I’ll get the stock in and get them printed. Otherwise, I’ll just print it on grey.

And check out the @kreateordie Instagram account for the back print, as well as all other #kreateordie #tshirtdesign stuff.

I’ll be talking DIY cinematography this Sunday. Register and come on by to find out how to shoot from the hip, hop, a hibby, a hibby-to-the-hip-hip-hop and you don’t stop, and rock it to the bang-bang-boogie say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogitabee.

This is why I started learning to print my own t-shirt designs.

I’d always wanted to have my own designs on a t-shirt, and a couple of months back I finally decided to get some printed. My designs were based on ideas that I either believed in or found amusing, or both.

I had always liked rough, distressed designs, but since most places that printed one-off tees couldn’t really do it because it wouldn’t be cost effective I had to search for quite a while until I found a printer who would.

I won’t say which printing service it was, but as you can see from the pic, it’s not exactly the best job.

I had done a mock up so that he had a frame of reference but he said there was no need. Correction - he didn’t want it. And when the printing was done I was really disappointed.

The design wasn’t aligned properly. The print was too big. The ink was glossy and reflected any bit of light, making the design hard to see. The t-shirt was the wrong shade of green and worse, it was a cheap cotton that shrunk upwards, shortening the shirt. I paid over RM50 to get my shirt printed by someone who didn’t give a damn how the design looked or what the quality of his work was.

So that’s why. Every creative endeavor I’ve pursued has been with a DIY spirit. I taught myself filmmaking, I taught myself how to play music and later how to record. I used to print my band’s CD’s by hand, photocopy our gig flyers, create DIY lights, rigs and lens hacks to make movies, the list goes on.

So why not add silk screening t shirts to the list? Besides, I’m the type of guy that always needs to learn something new to get the brain juices flowing.

And I love it when the brain juice flows.

(Originally posted at @kreateordie)

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